Equine Conditions successfully treated by Acuscope/Myopulse


Over the last 20 years, many neuro-muscular conditions, both acute and chronic in large and small animals, have been successfully treated using the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse systems.  The therapies have been especially successful in competing athletes for events such as:

*barrel racing         *roping          *cutting          *racing          *jumping          *dressage          *showing                *performance       *Polo         *cross-country         *endurance            *harness racing

Some of the vets, riders and trainers who treat their animals with Electro Acuscope/Myopulse:

*Ted Robinson      *Mike Harrington      *Jack VanBerg      *Sheldon Altman DVM      *Jerry Black DVM      *Charmayne James      *Tee Woolman      *Potato Richardson      *Ruth Haislip DVM              *Kerry Ridgway DVM      *Carol Rose      *Clemence Wold          *D. Wayne Lucas       *Thomas VanCise DVM      *Allen Schoen DVM      *Jerry Hollendorfer      *Mesa Leavitt                *Wallace Leiberman DVM        *Mitch Seavey            *Joanne Stephanatos DVM 

Some of the conditions with successful results include:

*joint inflammation    *bowed tendons    *ligament problems     *body soreness     *pulled muscles *bruising       *muscle spasms      *arthritic conditions       *stifle problems      *back problems  *pinched nerves        *edema         *abscessed feet         *traumatic injury       *mouth ailments  *capped hocks/curbs      *whirlbone treatment       *splints       *green osselets       *surgical scars   *ring bone      *lick granuloma      *epilepsy      *hyperactivity      *old age syndrome  *osteochronditis *rhinitis-allergic      *rotator cuff injury     *laminitis    *wobblers syndrome   *disc disease *degenerative myelopathy      *spinal damage       *navicular syndrome    *avascular necrosis  *founder         *nerve paralysis          *ACL rupture          *hip dysplasia        *spondylolithesis      *achilles tendon disruption 

Acuscope and Myopulse work best as part of a well-balanced plan including:

  • Good nutrition
  • Scheduled hoof maintenance
  • Preventative husbandry
  • Veterinarian care

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